Spring 2018 Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient Impact Letter

Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient. Seaira is a Junior at The University of Michigan where she recently studied Global Course Connections (GCC) in Dodoma, Tanzania! “While abroad I will be sure to check my privilege and actively engage with the culture by asking Tanzania natives about their culture, especially the things that I do not understand. Furthermore, I will be sure to enter the communities as someone who is there to learn and not as someone who has something to give to those communities.” Seaira had a life-changing time in Tanzania and Wanderlust Revolution was so happy they can help this amazing soul see the world.

The Wanderlust Scholarship was truly a blessing in regards to impacting my experience during my study abroad trip in Tanzania. Receiving the funds from the Wanderlust Scholarship helped to ease the financial burden of an international trip. Traveling abroad is a very expensive endeavor and though I received some funding from the University of Michigan, everything in regards to my study abroad program was not covered. Specifically, the Wanderlust Scholarship contributed to my food costs, transportation costs, and some emergency situations. During the trip an unexpected costs came up and the funds from the Wanderlust Scholarship allowed for me to easily cover that cost without much worry. Receiving the funds from the Wanderlust Scholarship truly allowed for me to have an amazing experience in Tanzania. I had the opportunity to focus completely on developing my knowledge of Swahili and to explore Tanzanian culture. My goal for my study abroad trip was to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Swahili and to gain some insight into a culture that was similar to my own. As someone who is Kenyan-American, I have always wanted to connect more with that side of my heritage. Regardless of the fact that I am second-generation Kenyan, that part of my heritage is super important to me. When I chose this program it was to aid me in learning my family’s language to act as a gateway to me learning our tribal language (Kikuyu). I also wanted to experience African culture first-hand to hopefully connect more with my Kenyan heritage and the Wanderlust Scholarship afforded me that privilege. While in Tanzania we got to do some amazing things such as visit Tanzanian Parliament and meet the Speaker, visit different markets, see some traditional dances, and go on two amazing safaris. My experience in Tanzania was so enlightening and so life-changing and I can’t wait to travel back to Africa again. I know that this would not have been possible without the Wanderlust Scholarship and I am forever grateful.

Author: Sirrita Darby

Sirrita l Educator l Idealist 💜 Dream Connoisseur ⚖ Social-Change Agent 🌍 Wanderlust 🔥 Lover of All Things Trap By Grace, Through Faith GOAL: Visit 27 Countries by 27th Birthday

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